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S  E  R  V  I  C  E  S

Because of our unique placement inside the InaSouLab, Echo Factory Studio is able to offer an à la carte suite of services, connections and potential opportunities for our clients. Illcostix Music and Unseen Legion Radio are both on-site, giving you potential production. percussion and airplay opportunities. In an industry-driven business, our approach can be a breath of fresh air for our clients. We know... we're artists, too.

All rates are negotiated in advance, and we do offer block discounts, especially for multi-date or recurring sessions. Our goal is to help artists of all experience and skill levels get the sound they want and the quality they know they deserve.


Per song & block rates  available

(See the SUBMISSIONS page). Contact us for a free consultation and let's discuss your music, your vision for it, the sound you are striving for and what you plan to do with the music once it is done. Email or send us the stems (See STEM PREPARATION) of your work. We will then do the mixing and send you a reference mix to approve. If further work needs to be done, up to 2 rounds of tweaks are included. Another 2 rounds of further tweaks are available at $25 each, if needed.​


Block Rates  available

The Echo Factory can record sung/spoken vocals and various live and electronic instruments, both line-in and mic'ed. Our new location now has the capacity to record drums, as well, or full band recordings. Our staff is also sometimes willing to travel and record in other studios, but all equipment and expenses must be provided.​


Due to the highly specialized nature of mastering, We only master hip-hop, R&B, EDM and some types of pop & rock. Although the following bit of info may cost us money, in the interest of you having the best possible sound, we generally do not advocate having one engineer mix and master the same song, even when that engineer is one of ours. This is because it is impossible for the person who mixed a song to bring a pair of unbiased ears to the mastering stage, and unbiased ears are the first rule of mastering. That said, we are perfectly willing to master the music we mix for you. We do insist on a detailed consultation and up to a week of "cool down time" before moving from mixing to mastering.​


We can help chop and clean samples, match/map tempo and align existing vocals and drums. We also work with a very talented group of producers and beatmakers. We are currently in the process of setting up our production company. In the meanwhile, check out the ​Links and feel free to contact us for more information.

Other Services
  • Session Engineer:
Rates vary by engineer.
  • Session Musicians & Singers
We know some pretty amazing players. From drums to horns, guitar to keys, backgrounds to leads, these folks can add that priceless live touch to put your  music over the top.
  • Radio Drops/Short recordings:
Record as many different works as you can. We will clean and edit your tracks and present to you in digital and physical formats, as needed.
  • Cassette Digitization
  • Audio Cleanup/Restoration
  • Consultations
         Our staff can consult on many topics, including:
  • Studio setup and construction
  • Radio station setup, management and construction
  • Acoustic panel design and construction
  • Recording coaching and techniques
  • Mental, emotional and physical preparation for your session
  • Using Studio One software
  • Using Reason software
  • Basic Recording techniques and microphone placement
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