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S  U  B  M  I  S  S  I  O  N  S


As an artist, here's what I've always wanted in a studio:

(1) Willing to listen to my vision,

(2) Able to deliver on that vision

(3) Prepared to assist me in achieving that vision efficiently

For me, that was difficult at best. Even harder to find was a place that would do all of that as a part of their regular service and not charge extra for consultations, coaching or teaching.


In fact, that place didn't exist.


Echo Factory Studio is just that kind of place. We were founded on the idea of providing professional services to up-and-coming artists at affordable prices. We are always looking for ways to provide better services, including coaching and advice without charging a premium.


The links on the right offer valuable information and insight for artists, producers and beatmakers. Here you will find tips for simple steps that you can take before going into the studio that will help you maximize your time and minimize your costs. There are also instructions on how to mixdown stems for submission on many of the common digital platforms such as Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, FL Studio and more.

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